Working Together

To Save Lives

Water Safety Programs

Since 2009, our mission has been clear: to prevent drowning by raising awareness and providing water safety programs for individuals with limited access to life-saving skills.

Aquatic Safety Education 

The Foundation is dedicated to providing free aquatic education in classrooms throughout San Diego, with a primary focus on third through fifth-grade classrooms. Additionally, we actively engage in presenting aquatic safety lectures to the military, ensuring a broad reach and impact.

Bridge to the Beach Program

Lifeguards lead groups of new pool swimmers to the beach for a day of exploration and education. For many participants, it’s their first beach experience. The activities mirror those provided in our Learn to Swim programs, reinforcing skills and confidence in a beach environment.

Free Swim Lessons – SD Swims Grant Program

We work tirelessly to fund Learn to Swim programs in collaboration with local nonprofits and schools across San Diego County. Our aim is to provide funding for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 9th-grade classes, with programs evolving towards self-sustainability. By empowering individuals with essential swimming skills, we contribute to a safer community.

San Diego Junior Lifeguard Scholarships

We are committed to supporting the next generation of junior lifeguards. The Foundation provides funding for all San Diego Junior Lifeguard scholarships offered every summer. By removing financial barriers, we ensure that aspiring junior lifeguards can participate and excel in this vital program.

Water Safety Fundraising Events

Raising funds annually at local events, including the iconic OB Pier Jump and the Swim 24 Challenge, allows us to sustain and expand our water safety initiatives. Your participation and support at these events contribute directly to making our communities safer.

Community Outreach Events

The Foundation actively participates in local water safety awareness events, national events through the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and California initiatives through the California Water Safety Coalition. Our commitment to community outreach extends the impact of our programs to a broader audience.

SD Swim Safer

Our PSA Campaign, SD Swim Safer, is dedicated to educating families about water safety. By providing information and access to local resources, we empower families to prioritize water safety and build a foundation for a secure aquatic environment.

Interested in bringing one of these programs to your school or nonprofit group within San Diego County?