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Water Safety Resources

Prioritizing water safety is essential for safeguarding lives, promoting community well-being, and enabling individuals to enjoy water-related activities responsibly. Education, awareness, and proactive measures collectively contribute to a safer and more enjoyable aquatic environment.

SD Swim Safer aims to increase the knowledge of drowning prevention methods and access to swim lessons. The website provides resources for parents and caregivers on ways they can protect their families and loved ones from drowning incidents in open water, a pool and in the household.

Does your child know how to swim?

If the answer is “NO”,

Step 1 – Please provide information below. We will contact you by email when swim lessons or clinics are available in your area. *Children must be under the age of 18 and parent contact information must be provided. 

Step 2 – Check out the swim lesson locator for current lessons in your area. 

Looking for lessons in San Diego County?

Learn to swim, the only sport that could save your life!

Utilize our swim lesson finder to find the closest pools in your community. Contact these pools directly for program information.

Add a pool not listed by emailing