Working Together

To Save Lives

Navigating Waves of Impact: The SDJGF To PDFSD Foundation Story

In 2008, our community faced tumultuous seas—economic downturn and looming budget cuts threatened the existence of the San Diego Junior Lifeguard program. This is where our story begins, a tale of advocacy, resilience, and the birth of the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation (SDJGF).

A Sea of Challenges and a Vision Emerges

Faced with the imminent risk of losing city funding, local leaders rallied around the idea of forming a nonprofit foundation to safeguard the Junior Lifeguard program. Thus, in 2009, the SDJGF emerged as a beacon of hope, committed to navigating the storm and ensuring the continuation of this vital program.

Passionate Advocacy: The Heartbeat of SDJGF

As financial pressures mounted on the city, our local beach lifeguard leaders stood at the forefront, passionately advocating for the Junior Lifeguard program’s survival. The SDJGF’s dedicated Board of Directors played a crucial role, steering through the challenges and setting the course for a resilient future.

Instrumental Support and Lifesaving Investments

The initial support from SDJGF proved to be the lifeblood of the Junior Lifeguard program. Funding facilitated essential equipment purchases, from surfboards to kayaks, ensuring the program’s vitality. Scholarships became a cornerstone, opening doors for aspiring lifeguards. Collaborating with the San Diego Unified School District, SDJGF brought water safety lectures and swim lessons to 125 students at Hage Elementary, leaving a ripple effect of knowledge and confidence.

Bridging Skills, Building Futures

Simultaneously, the Bridge to Beach program emerged, providing students with a bridge to the beach after completing learn-to-swim initiatives. This unique experience extended learning beyond the pool, offering a safe and enriching environment at the beach—a testament to our commitment to holistic education and community engagement.

As we reflect on our foundation’s journey—from advocacy to impactful programs—we stand proud, knowing that every stroke of support, every ripple of awareness, and every investment made has been a building block in our mission to save lives. Join us as we continue to navigate these waves of impact, ensuring a safer and more resilient community.